Top Flap Gumming

Henkel adhesives: setting the seal
Henkel adhesives protect the secrets, sentiments and valuable documents mailed in millions of envelopes every day.

Consistent gumming on the top flaps of envelopes is essential to data protection. However, Henkel also provides a complete system for all types of closings:

  • Synthetic resin and dextrin-based adhesives for wet gumming
  • Latex adhesives for pressure-sensitive gumming
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive dispersions for seal and peel applications

Regardless of specific function, Henkel adhesives can be relied upon for quick adhering, dependable closing, and the ability to remain fully functional after long storage periods. And of course, they are perfectly safe to one's health.

Trouble-free operation in high-performance machines
Shippers of bulk printed matter count on the high degree of functional security offered by Henkel adhesives, which are utilized in high-performance machines that open, fill, wet, and close as many as 30,000 envelopes per hour.

For wet gumming, trust Henkel adhesives to provide:

  • Absolute lay-flat ability
  • High blocking resistance
  • Short reactivating time
  • Short setting time
  • Greatest possible protection from unauthorized opening
  • Glossy adhesive film, also in synthetic resin dispersions

For pressure-sensitive gumming, Henkel products provide:

  • Consistent quality through delivery
  • High adhesion
  • For seal and peel gumming, Henkel adhesives offer:

    • High seal strength
    • Clean machine operation
    • Easy cleaning of machine components
    • Long functional ability of gumming